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About Us

The Airey Group is recognized as one of the leading residential design and property development companies on the West Coast. Each Airey Group project is carefully selected and developed through a thoughtful design process that ensures the highest level of design integrity.

Property Development

The Airey Development Corp. is an urban property development company recognized for its unique architecturally driven multi-residence and mixed-use projects that respect and enhance city neighbourhoods. Drawing on an accomplished 20-year background in custom residential architecture, Airey projects continue to set benchmarks for the industry and city planners.

Private Residences

Since establishing his boutique firm, Formwerks in the mid-1980’s, Howard Airey has become one of the West Coast’s most respected names in private residence design. He and his team have created notable single family homes throughout BC and beyond. Through Airey Homes Inc. the team continues to take on a small number of select private residences each year.

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